Verdicts & Settlements

Type of Case

Case Description

Verdict, Judgment, or Settlement

Defective ProductAutomobile product defect$12.5 million
Automobile AccidentMotor vehicle defect$11.5 million
Automobile AccidentBuilding materials retailer dropped
package from its truck causing wreck
resulting in brain damage to husband driver
and wife passenger.
$9.3 million
Tractor-Trailer AccidentChild brain damaged in tractor-trailer wreck$5 Million
Personal InjuryBurn injuries$4.7 Million
Wrongful DeathDrunk driver automobile crash$4.2 Million
Medical MalpracticeChild brain damaged at birth$3 Million
Professional NegligenceConstruction defect involving contractor and engineering firm$3 Million
Personal InjuryWater-slide accident$2.5 Million
Automobile AccidentPedestrian automobile injuries$2 Million
Automobile AccidentDrunk driver automobile crash$2 Million
Motorcycle AccidentMajor bodily injuries$2 Million
Automobile AccidentParking lot pedestrian accident$1.3 Million
Insurance Law and
Professional Negligence
Insurance carrier's negligent failure to advise insured of changes to coverage$1.2 Million

Wrongful Death and

Defective Product

Negligent failure to secure trailer and trailer becomes detached. Failure to warn of defective design.$1.1 Million
Medical MalpracticeNegligent failure of government entity to provide adequate medical treatment$1.1 Million
Personal InjuryElderly woman loses lower leg when struck by automobile$1.1 Million
Personal InjuryTree falls in campground striking camper$1 Million
Personal InjuryBurn injuries from electrical explosion$750,000
Automobile AccidentFailure to yield - intersection wreck$675,000
Wrongful DeathFailure to yield - intersection wreck$600,000
Tractor-Trailer AccidentTractor-trailer/automobile wreck$600,000
Insurance LawStacking of out-of-state uninsured motorist coverage$600,000
Automobile AccidentAutomobile/truck intersection collision
with physical and emotional injury to the
automobile driver.
Tractor-Trailer AccidentRear-end tractor-trailer accident$550,000
Professional NegligenceSexual assault by another resident at an adolescent treatment facility$470,000
Automobile AccidentImproperly designed roadway$400,000
Wrongful DeathRear-end tractor-trailer collision$300,000
Personal InjuryChair lift accident - negligent failure to assist customer onto chair lift$250,000
Premises LiabilityDefective chair resulting in fall$225,000
Premises LiabilitySlip and fall on a wet floor - failure to warn$225,000.00

Other significant monetary settlements subject to confidentiality agreements required by defendants include:

  • U-Haul truck stalled on interstate highway
  • Two injuries and one death caused by defective cruise control in automobile
  • DOT worker knocked from bucket truck causing death
  • Child brain damaged at birth
  • Worker injured and burned in a gas explosion
  • Train hits car resulting in death
  • Death when forklift overturned
  • Surgical procedure on wrong body part
  • Negligent emergency response and failure to adequately treat
  • Psychiatric patient negligently released resulting in death to third party
  • Hospital ICU brain damage to young father as a result of unsuctioned mucous plug causing airway obstruction
  • Extensive burn injuries suffered by child as a result of gasoline spill near unelevated gas water heater
  • Death of husband and father as a result of overexertion during work-required treadmill run
  • Brain damage and ultimate death of hospitalized kidney stone patient due to morphine overdose
  • Hand injury to newborn infant as a result of IV line
  • Paralysis suffered in rollover collision caused by defective tire
  • Extensive burn injuries to child caused by defectively designed deep fryer

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