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Electric scooters come to Knoxville, bring concerns with the fun

The electric scooter phenomenon has been sweeping into major American cities for a few years now. With shared scooters entering Knoxville on a one-year pilot run, citizens of the city may be excited to take part in the fun.

Though scooter companies like Zagster and VeoRide believe that shared electric scooters provide an eco-friendly alternative for commuting in the city, you may see many riders and tourists jumping on the scooters just for the joy of the ride. While many may enjoy the new amenity, there are concerns for public safety that accompany the fun.

Tourism and traffic: Risks are high for tourists

With spring here and summer around the corner, it's a busy season for tourism. Throughout the year, Knoxville sees tourists looking for a warmer place to visit, beautiful, natural scenery and more.

With tourism comes the risk of collisions, though. People from out of the area, out of the state or even out of the country can cause serious collisions that end up affecting entire communities.

Adjusting to catastrophic injuries takes time: Get help

When you got into an accident, you were wearing a seat belt, following the speed limit and obeying traffic laws. The other driver shifted out of their lane and hit you head-on, which gave you no chance to evade them.

When you woke up, you knew everything would be different. You lost the use of your legs and can't walk. You can't speak well because of a brain injury, and you're left feeling trapped in your own body.

What do you need to know about drug recalls?

One of the products you hope will never cause you more harm than it does help is a medication prescribed by a doctor. Despite careful monitoring and precise development, there are times when medications are dangerous to consumers.

Drug recalls are used to bring medications that have been sold back into pharmacies and hospitals so that they can be taken back to manufacturers and disposed of properly. As of April 1, 2019, some drug recalls that are current include Legacy, losartan potassium USP, which had impurities, Hospira, a sodium bicarbonate injection USP that was found to have particulate matter in the dosages and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories infusion bags with sodium chloride, since they were mislabeled.

How can you avoid a crash while driving during storms?

Spring is here, and for people in Tennessee, that means being vividly aware of the risk of severe storms. Being part of Dixie Alley, an area of the southern state prone to tornadoes, you must have the knowledge to stay safe if one of the severe storms that can produce tornadoes occurs while you're on the road.

The most important thing to remember in severe weather is that it's okay to pull over on the side of the road, find a parking lot to wait out the storm in or wait under an underpass. Many people realize that the weather is too dangerous to continue traveling in.

You may be able to hold 3M accountable for your hearing loss

To say that hearing is important would be an understatement. You probably enjoy listening to your children play. You might like going to hear live music. And whether in business or your personal life, communication is vital.

But most Americans suffer from hearing loss at some point in their lives. And if you have served in the military, you could be one of over 2.7 million veterans receiving disability benefits due to problems related to hearing loss or ringing in your ears, even after the diligent use of earplugs.

Recognize these 3 kinds of invisible abuse

Nursing home abuse and neglect can take place right under your nose. Many types of abuse and neglect are invisible; Unless a resident tells you about the abuse, it may be hard to know it's taking place.

As someone who wants to make sure your loved one is safe and cared for, knowing the signs of abuse is important. Here are three kinds of invisible abuse to look for.

Yes, your broken bone can be catastrophic

When you think of a catastrophic injury, you probably think of head injuries or spinal injuries. Interesting, even something as common as a broken bone can be catastrophic.

How? Consider a severe break. A bone might be shattered, breaking in several places. In some cases, these breaks require surgery. In worst-case scenarios, there's little that can be done to restore the bone, so patients have to have metal rods and other medical devices inserted to help them heal.

Head-on collision case heads to grand jury in Tennessee

A case involving a fatal collision has been sent to the grand jury in Knoxville. According to the news, the son of a Knoxville fire captain was killed when a Chevrolet pickup truck crossed into the southbound lanes of Chapman Highway.

This resulted in a chain reaction that caused the captain's son to run head-on into the Chevrolet. Next to him in the second lane was the witness, who also stuck the victim's vehicle. He said he could not avoid it when the first two vehicles collided.

3 types of defects could lead to injuries for users

When a product is defective, it means that it is imperfect in some way. Perhaps the connection to the battery is poor, so it won't start up. Maybe the medication you ordered was contaminated.

In most cases, a product will be considered defective if it could cause harm to the user who purchases it. For instance, the child trying to use the toy with a defective battery could end up with burns from battery leakage or if a fire starts due to a malfunction, and a person who takes a contaminated medication could end up with another serious illness.

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