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Month: February 2013

Another passenger bus crash should open more eyes

When parents in Tennessee and any other state in the U.S. put their children on a bus, be it a school bus or a commercial passenger bus, they expect their loved ones to be transported safely by properly trained drivers. When drivers and bus companies violate that...

Drunk hits car in driveway, goes inside to sleep

You have to be pretty hammered to try and flee an accident that you caused in front of your own home. Even if you just go outside to move your car, getting behind the wheel after drinking is extremely dangerous and can put more than just your own safety at risk.A...

Driver killed, others injured in Knoxville accident

It's important to always follow the rules of the road, including knowing when each car has the right of way. A recent fatal car accident in Knoxville illustrates the importance of knowing when it's your turn to go and always being vigilant for other vehicles.According...