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Month: October 2014

3-car collision causes death of 2

Three cars were involved in a collision on an interstate in Tennessee. The incident occurred on Oct. 25 in the morning as the vehicles passed through Memphis going east. Tennessee police believe that one vehicle, a silver Kia, had pulled over to the side of eastbound...

Man killed in Tennessee car-truck collision

Police reported that a crash that occurred on Oct. 11 in Bluff City resulted in the death of one driver. According to authorities, the collision occurred at an intersection in front of a flea market on U.S. Highway 11E. The accident reportedly occurred around 11:30...

Motorcycle crash statistics

Each year in Tennessee and in the United States, many motorcyclists are injured in motor vehicle accidents, sometimes fatally. While lack of helmet use can result in a higher likelihood of fatal injury, in 2012, 93 percent of the 139 motorcyclists killed in accidents...

I-40 crash in Tennessee kills 1

A four-vehicle crash in Knoxville on Sept. 26 killed a 43-year-old man, according to authorities. The man was reportedly driving a Chevrolet Camaro west on Interstate 40 when he decelerated on account of traffic and was struck by a vehicle trailing him. Consequently,...