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Month: January 2015

Back, neck and spinal cord auto accident injuries

When you have suffered a back, neck or spinal cord injury in a Tennessee car accident or other type of accident caused by another person, you may be facing a lifetime of debilitation and disability as a result. Catastrophic spinal cord injuries can result if your...

Examining priorities in trucking safety

Tennessee motorists may have heard that the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board is concerned with the failure of regulators to act on many matters related to trucking safety in recent years. The board has stated its belief that changes are necessary in the...

The dangers of distracted driving

Tennessee readers may be familiar with the dangers associated with distracted driving, which is understood by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to include any activity done while driving that takes one's attention away from the road. The public health...

Impaired driving in Tennessee

Drivers who operate their vehicles on the roads of Tennessee in a state of alcohol intoxication or other chemical impairment are among the most serious hazards presented on the highway. Drivers whose abilities have been influenced by drugs or drinking are responsible...