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Month: May 2015

Hands-free phones cause cognitive distraction

Many states, including Tennessee, are grappling with the issue of distracted driving. To combat distracted driving behaviors, legislators in multiple states have passed laws prohibiting the use of handheld cellphones while driving. It is likely that many of these...

What are Tennessee’s distracted driving laws?

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, there is currently no statewide ban on handheld devices for drivers in Tennessee. However, if you live or drive here, you should be familiar with some the distracted driving laws that are in place, such as the...

Penalties for drunk driving in Tennessee

At the law office of Pryor, Priest and Harber, we appreciate how difficult it can be for Tennessee residents to recover from accidents caused by drunk drivers. Such collisions may leave victims with serious physical injury, financial loss and psychological trauma....

Tennessee crash leaves 1 dead, 2 injured

A car accident that occurred in Tennessee on May 2 left one person dead and two others injured. According to authorities, the incident took place near the intersection of 40th Avenue North and Albion Street close to Tennessee State University. Police stated that a...