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Month: June 2015

What to do after getting hit by a truck

If you or a loved one has been in a trucking accident, you understand the high damage toll that these types of accidents can take. This is due to the fact that trucks are large, fast, and heavy. When compared to an average car, a lot of damage can be done. There are...

How can fatal crashes be prevented?

Not all accidents are preventable. This is the very nature of an accident. They are unpredictable, and therefore it is not always possible to take preventative measures against them. However, there are a few cases in which certain factors exacerbate the chances of an...

Getting your money back after an expensive crash

Accidents can have long-lasting impacts on a person’s life. This is especially true when it comes to the monetary consequences of the crash. Accidents can be a huge generator of financial stress, and that stress may seem to worsen over time. However, there are...

Does Tennessee have dram shop laws?

The National Conference of State Legislatures explains that 30 states have enacted dram shop laws. These laws provide a potential source of compensation for drunk driving victims. If a business served alcohol to someone who then drove while intoxicated and caused an...

What is road rash?

Motorcycle crashes are sometimes caused by negligent motorists. These accidents may result when motorists engage in distracted driving behaviors or fail to yield when motorcyclists have right-of-way. When such collisions occur, motorcyclists may suffer a variety of...