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Month: August 2015

What are skid injuries?

Motorcyclists have a number of issues to keep an eye on when they are on the road. This is because they are less protected by their vehicle than other drivers. As a direct result of that, many motorcyclists who get into accidents can end up facing severe injuries due...

The dangers posed by drowsy drivers

When it comes to dangerous driving in Knoxville, most are familiar with the problems associated with drunk or distracted driving. However, much debate exists over drowsy driving. While there may be little to argue about in terms of the wisdom of driving while one is...

How can you handle roadway emergencies?

Dealing with accidents or roadway emergencies can be scary. It might shake a person so much that they are not certain what to do. However, being caught unaware can cause even more problems on the road. Because of this, it is best to be prepared.There are many...

No charges yet in fatal Jackson accident

Fatal accidents can cause heartache, as well as financial strife for those who are left behind. People who are seeking compensation for an accident understand how difficult it can be to deal with the emotional impact of a tragedy while also handling the monetary...

Dealing with the medical bills after an accident

Getting into an accident with a commercial semi-truck can be devastating. This is because the size of a semi-truck likely dwarfs your car, since they are almost consistently the largest vehicles on the road. Because of the size of the car and severity of the impact,...