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How can you safely share the roads?

Driving is an exercise of cooperation, where one must be prepared to pay attention to other people while they are simultaneously paying attention to their own driving and situation. It is therefore important to learn the concept of sharing the road.One important thing...

The benefits and drawbacks of motorcycles

You may be one of many people recently deciding to switch from cars to motorcycles. You may be a long time rider with a lot of experience on the road already. In any situation, it is wise to understand both the benefits and drawbacks of choosing a motorcycle over...

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be more fatal than car accidents for a number of reasons. The primary reason is because motorcyclists simply don’t have as much protection as drivers in covered vehicles do. Because of this, it is important for motorcyclists to know what...

Head-on collision claims life of driver

Tennessee residents know that car accidents are a sad but true fact of life on area roads. The best defensive driving tactics are not enough to prevent every potential crash. Luckily, many such accidents are minor and may involve only a bit of damage to vehicles....