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When truckers eat while driving

When truckers in Tennessee drive while they are hungry, they are more likely to engage in distracted driving. This often creates many dangers for other motorists who are sharing the roads with them. Many of them work many hours and may not take many rest or food stops...

Holiday driving dangers

The holiday season in Tennessee is a time that is often filled with joy and happiness for many. However, according to EHS, it is also a time where driving dangers are at their highest. More drivers are on the roads than usual. With higher traffic volumes comes a...

Motorcycle safety

Motorcycle crashes are on the rise in Tennessee. Bikers should practice caution and appropriate safety protocols when they are out riding. According to Consumer Reports, the number of bikers who died in 2015 from vehicle wrecks was 5,000. With the number of motorists...

Teen drivers grow careless over time

Many teen motorists in Tennessee are not being as careful with their driving behaviors as they were when they first started driving. Many of them are growing careless over time. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, teen drivers are more at risk...

Technology and DUI

Motorists who drive while they are under the influence in Tennessee are a major hazard for other drivers. New technology is being developed to prevent people from operating their cars and motorcycles while they are intoxicated. There are other ways motorists can deter...

When truckers are distracted

With the arrival of the holiday season comes the need for truck drivers in Tennessee to spend longer hours on the road than usual. In an effort to make their shipment quotas and deadlines, many large vehicle operators are using distractions to keep themselves awake...


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