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Who is at risk for car accidents?

There are many different kinds of motorists on the roads in Knoxville. With the number of car accidents increasing daily, many people are not aware that there are risk factors that make them more susceptible to motor vehicle wrecks than others. Drivers who know these...

Bikers and Drunk Driving

People who drive cars are not the only ones who are guilty of drunk driving. Many motorcyclists in Knoxville socially drink and ride, not caring that they are putting themselves and everyone else on the roads with them at risk for accidents. According to...

Common types of car accidents

As common as car accidents are in Knoxville, not many people are aware of the different types. In 2013, more than two million people were injured and 32,000 victims lost their lives in car accidents across the nation, states U.S. News & World Report. No matter the...

Common causes of car accidents

Car accidents happen every day on the roads in Knoxville. Many of these incidents are preventable. These accidents cause a great deal of turmoil, trauma and harm to victims and their families. Drivers who learn about the common causes of car accidents can take...


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