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Month: March 2017

Most common types of motorist injuries

For many motorists, car accidents are a common sight on the roads in Knoxville. According to, in 2013 alone, there were more than 5,687,000 motor vehicle wrecks. Car accident injuries vary in severity. Some people can walk away from the scenes of...

Teens, alcohol and car accidents

Alcohol-related car accidents are a leading cause of death for teens in Knoxville. With warmer weather on the way, more teenagers are getting their licenses. Prom and graduation seasons are also coming up, and the roads are becoming more dangerous for young adult...

Intoxicated truckers

The number of truck drivers on the roads in Knoxville is growing every day. Because of the type of vehicles they drive and their job responsibilities, truck drivers are held to higher standards in regards to drug and alcohol use. Studies show that intoxicated truckers...

Motorcyclists and drowsy riding

Drowsing driving accidents are a very common occurrence in Knoxville. Motorists are not the only ones who fall asleep while they are operating their vehicles. Many bikers often become sleepy while they are on the roads. According to the Centers for Disease Control and...

Motorcyclists and alcohol

Many people in Knoxville are under the impression that motorcyclists do not get drink and ride. Drunk driving is an epidemic that does not discriminate against motorist type. Bikers, vehicle operators and even truckers are common offenders. According to...

2 factors that affect biker safety

The start of spring is right around the corner, and many bikers are gearing up to hit the roads in Knoxville. With warmer weather comes an increase in motorists and motor vehicle accidents. Victims of motorcycle accidents tend to suffer more severe injuries than...