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Month: May 2017

How can I avoid aggressive drivers?

As a motorist who frequents the roads in Knoxville, you should pay close attention to the drivers around you. Some of them are aggressive motorists who do not care or understand how much their driving behaviors can impact others. Yelling, tailgating, cutting off and...

How to prevent summertime drunk driving accidents

Summertime marks the beginning of longer days, warmer temperatures, more social events and drunk driving. Many people in Knoxville are so caught up in hanging out with their friends, partying and enjoying themselves at events around town that they fail to consider how...

Common causes of summertime car accidents

Many Knoxville motorists assume that summer is the safest driving season of the year. There is no snow on the ground, less rain in the forecast and the temperatures are heating up. According to, the summertime is the riskiest time of year for motorists to be...