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December 2017 Archives

Potential change to truckers' rules

People in Tennessee who have ever been in a standard passenger vehicle right up next to a large commercial vehicle like a tractor trailer know how immediately dwarfed and vulnerable they can feel. The size differential alone can be foreboding and when the difference in weight between these types of vehicles is considered, it is no wonder why accidents involving semi trucks can be so incredibly dangerous and often deadly.

Knox County leads region in drunk driving deaths

It has been many decades now since groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving began their important efforts to highlight the dangers of drinking and driving. Because of this, many people might assume that drivers in Tennessee today make the right decision when it comes to consuming alcohol and operating motor vehicles. Sadly, this is not the case. Despite widespread public awareness and a growing number of ride options including ridesharing services, too many innocent people continue to be killed by drunk drivers.

Is old age to blame for truck accidents?

When you think about truck accidents, the last thing on your mind is age. Many of truckers on the roads in Knoxville and across the country are senior citizens. Some of them are so old they are approaching retirement age. Others who are old enough to retire, do not. Instead, they continue working to help alleviate the shortage in the industry and support themselves while staying active. 

Car skids and accidents

When one thinks of car accidents in Knoxville, one of the first things that come to mind is speed. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, 966 people lost their lives in 2016 to car crashes. Many accidents happen when excessive speeds are an issue. Some incidents that involve excessive and slow speeds happen because there were slick road conditions. No matter how motor vehicle wrecks happen, the pain and suffering they cause are often heartbreaking and challenging for victims and their families to live with. 

Drunk driver critically injures daughter and kills mother and son

When one hears about a DUI car accident, one of the first things that may run through their mind is if someone was hurt. It is not uncommon to learn innocent people have suffered serious injuries or died after being hit by drivers who are too intoxicated to be in the driver's seat. Most victims of drunk driving accidents had no clue that someone would change their lives in undesirable ways. 

Parking lots and distractions do not mix

Many drivers in Knoxville believe that parking lots are among the safest places they can operate their vehicles. Some of them do not realize how common parking lot accidents are. Many motorists are trying to back up and pull into small parking spaces not realizing the dangers they may be subjecting themselves and others to. 

What should you do if you experience whiplash?

When residents in Tennessee get into a car accident, it's very plausible that they'll also end up with a case of whiplash. This can be more severely damaging to your health and future than you might think, which is why you should be mindful of the symptoms.

What are the biggest dangers to motorcycles?

As the number of motorcyclists in Knoxville increases, so too does the number of bike-related accidents. Pryor, Priest & Harber can help out if you ever get into a harmful or serious crash with another vehicle. They can provide you with the information and support needed to help you get through this troubling time.

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