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Back to the basics: motorcycle safety

Tennessee's rolling valleys and gorgeous countrysides attract thousands of motorcyclists each year. Now that spring is here, the state's roads will likely see a spike in its number of two-wheeled vehicles. While the alluring aspects of riding in the open wind are hard...

Brain injuries: symptoms and recovery

A large majority of Tennesseans could agree that there is hardly a more frightening experience than a car accident. When an accident involves a serious injury such as brain trauma, those levels of fear can seem all the more magnified.Dealing with a serious injury can...

The effect a car accident has on insurance

When Tennessee residents are involved in a car accident, they may not think about what the collision might do to their insurance. A crash can easily raise a driver's insurance premium, though, depending on the severity of the accident and whether he or she is...

The reality of buzzed driving

With a Tennessee spring quickly approaching, warm weather festivities and outings are becoming a regular occurrence. The state's hot cities on the map create extra perks to the upcoming warmer seasons, causing many to hit the road to adventure. One aspect that is not...


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