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Month: April 2018

Motorcyclists’ rights and protection

With spring fully underway, many people in Tennessee may be getting ready to get out and enjoy the open road on two wheels. The freedom and joy that comes from riding a motorcycle is something that simply cannot be matched from riding in a car or other passenger...

Tesla fights NTSB over Autopilot car crash death

Vehicles that drive themselves present a continuing fascination for Tennessee drivers and others across the nation. Once relegated to pure science fiction and battery-operated action toys, partially self-driving cars are today a reality, albeit a still imperfect...

Drowsy driving: a nationwide issue

Most Tennesseans have heard it all before: drowsy driving is dangerous driving. Despite these warnings, thousands of tired drivers hit the state's roads each day -- posing a threat to themselves and other drivers. While this issue is hardly a new one, there are recent...

Texting and driving: possible solutions

It is a nationwide issue, and also one with which most Tennesseans are familiar: texting and driving. Although countless campaigns have circulated in efforts to spread awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, countless drivers succumb to this habit....

Whiplash may lead to chronic problems

Many people in Tennessee might be quick to trivialize a whiplash injury but that is something that should not be done. Understanding whiplash is important as it can be associated with chronic pain and complications for some people.According to WebMD, not all cases of...