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We Defend You Against Drunk Driving Charges


Any law firm with a criminal defense capacity will help individuals facing drunk driving charges. Criminal defense abilities among firms, however, vary widely. Before entrusting your criminal record and driving privileges to any attorney, first ask yourself:

  • Does the attorney conduct thorough investigations?
  • Has the attorney handled hundreds of DUI/DWI cases?
  • Is the attorney a member of the Tennessee and national Associations of Criminal Defense Lawyers?

Skilled And Effective Legal Representation For Those Facing Drunk Driving Charges

At the Knoxville, Tennessee, criminal defense law firm of Pryor Priest & Harber, our record and involvement in criminal law illustrates our DUI/DWI defense abilities. We have helped numerous DUI/DWI defendants achieve reduced charges, acquittal or dismissal of charges. And we have been involved with local, state and national criminal defense organizations for almost 30 years.

Do you face drunk driving charges? We can help. Call today.

Potential Penalties For A DUI/DWI Conviction In Tennessee

A DUI/DWI conviction brings a minimum first-offense penalty of 24 hours in jail and 24 hours of community service. A second offense brings a minimum 45 days in jail, and a third offense is a felony and brings a minimum 120 days in jail.

Our criminal defense team works closely with our firm investigator — a former police officer whose police experience includes time with the criminal investigation division.

We will fully investigate the circumstances of your drunk driving charges, including obtaining police reports, police in-car videotapes, analyzing blood and breath alcohol tests and assessing whether search and seizure laws were violated.

Call Today For Help

Anyone can face a DUI charge. For more information regarding how we can help you, contact our firm for a no-charge discussion of your case. Send us a confidential email, or call us in Knoxville at .

Our offices are located in Two Centre Square at the corner of Church and Gay Streets, fronted by the famous “rowing man” statue.


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